Essay on Tata Nano

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This is a research proposal on a study on launch of new cheapest car in the world by TATA Company name “TATA NANO”. The objective of this research proposal is to find out an opportunity or a problem in the launch of the smallest /cheapest car targeting masses through secondary information / data.

Also to gain knowledge about how TATA brought this new product i.e., “NANO” up to the development stage and finally going to launch it on 23rd March, 2008 (already launched till now).

During this project I researched on how TATA developed NANO costing Rupees1 lakh ($ 2500 U.S) and what will be its effects. A survey was also done for understanding consumer buying pattern and preferences (which is a part of secondary data).

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To study about what made possible for TATA to develop and produce a car for just Rupees ONE LAKH ($ U.S 2,500).
To study the objectives and target customers of TATA’S ONE LAKH CAR.
To study on consumers buying behavior and preferences and views about TATA NANO by various methods of data collection.
To find out the consumer perception on NANO car in INDIA.
This study would be useful for companies to know what people perceive and thinking about “Small Fight” that is NANO.
This study would be useful to other students as a secondary data.
This study would be useful to form strategies according to perception of people about NANO.

To know the consumer perception on “NANO” car.
To find out the acceptance level of people.
To find out the awareness level about “NANO” car.
To know about factors affecting purchase decision of “NANO”.
To know how purchase decision of “NANO” varies from different income group.

I will have to rely upon the information given by respondents, which may not be fully true.
This study will be limited to only Indian Population.
It is only for short period of time.
Lack of professional approach since researcher is a student.
Subjectivity is the main limitations of such studies.
These sorts of projects take generally longer period than other ones. Situations may undergo a change.
Hence, time gap may effects the successful implementations of research results.

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