Obstacles To Implementing Lean Analysis

Obstacles to Implementing Lean

In order to effectively improve the application of lean system one must have knowledge of the current flaws. This will allow proper assessments to be conducted and implement tools that will improve the process of the organization. The two structures of the Lean process consist of structure one: Lean Suppliers, Lean Manufacturing, and Lean Procurement. Under the first structure the Lean Suppliers are concerned with executing the customer needs, processing the orders, ensuring the data box is accurate for inventory, keeping order in the work cell and assuring that the operating system is ready for production. Then the Lean Manufacturing ensures the product is processed, shipped, pulled for delivery, replaces
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When increasing the rate of production does the product quality change? Proper assessment is the first step to overcoming obstacles and implementing tools that will empower the entire team. Each area mastery level is assessed ensuring the purpose and details are being executed. Accurately applying simple structure along with conceptual integrity diminishes the obstacles. (Reichhart, Holweg, 2007) According to Reichhart and Holweg,” various authors have investigated conflicts in extending lean into the distribution chain. The general conflicts between lean manufacturing and lean distribution is the cost of manufacturing the product and responding quickly to customer’s requirements. (Reichhart, Holweg, 2007) The main cause for the obstacle is reported to be manufacturing and distribution has a different focus and the cost of each is assessed differently which affects the overall process and revenue. Both departments want to maximize profitability without considering each other’s duties. The example Reichhart and Holweg gave was of Toyota Production system with the emphasis place o Kanban production control system. The system required leveled or smoother production. The assessment disclosed variation in day to day operation and week to week operations. The inconsistency created obstacle for the Toyota Production System. The article stated, “the resulting rigidity or inflexibility of lean …show more content…
Data was collected through an analysis of company’s written procedures, quality assurance policies, and interviews with managers. The findings suggest that there are particular factors that influence the implementation of L6. According to Psychogios and Tsironis, “these factors include leadership, strategic orientation, quality-driven organizational culture, continuous training, teamwork, customer satisfaction, and technical system”. (Psychogios, Tsironis, 2012) In order to overcome any obstacles in any Lean Six Sigma implementation is to determining who the customer is. The article mentioned to gather the voice of the customer and improve the process by focusing on the customer experience with the organization and its products and services. (Psychogios, Tsironis, 2012) Psychogios and Tsironis states,” measuring the impact of marketing and sales efforts is challenging.” (Psychogios, Tsironis,2012) Often times organization have to deal with changes to multiple aspects of the sales and marketing. Which adds to the difficulty of identifying the single factor that actually impacted sales. This challenge, however, does focus attention on the need for projects related to the metrics used to drive the business. (Psychogios, Tsironis,2012) One

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