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Introduction Management Information System (MIS) enables small business organization to focus on solving business problems and creating new opportunity with technology. In his article titled “The impact of Management Information System effectiveness on task productivity”, Trivellas explains that “management information system (MIS) is the basic tool to support planning and controlling functions of the managers in small business organization” (2013). He states that MIS touches almost all

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MIS improves the quality of business by providing relevant information for decision making process. However, due to the increase in size and complexity of technology, MIS may not always allow small business organization to be task productive.
Research question: Does Management information system always allow small business organization to be task productive?
Many writers wrote about how Management Information System (MIS) plays a crucial role in an organization in today’s economy. They discussed that MIS facilitates a small business organization productivity and decision making process. They claimed that a significant amount of work has been done through MIS. On the other hand, there are several authors who strongly argue that MIS has its own issues and challenges that reduce the organization’s profitability.
MIS help small business organization to establish a strategic plan based on the information gathered. In Feb 2013, Trivellas wrote that “MIS is an integrated, user machine system providing the necessary information to support core functions of the firm such as operation, management and decision making” (2013). He emphasized on how MIS improves productivity especially in small business service sector such as banking. He conducted a survey on “sixteen (16) different banks and forty two (42) bank branches” (2013). He developed a questionnaire to investigate the impact of MIS in different aspects of work and evaluated the
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