Task 2 Essay examples

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Amanda Copley
Subdomain 602.3- Instructional Presentation and Follow-up
Objective 602.3.7-04- Evaluating Instructional Materials
March 30, 2015

As another work week approaches, many teachers struggle with how they are going to accommodate to many of their student’s needs within the classroom; however, with adequate planning and the amazing ability of technology today I will succeed. As my third graders scurry into the classroom they immediately feel the atmosphere with laughing and a sense of innocence. On the outside they all look like a normal 8 year old who loves recess and intriguing science projects; however, their learning ability is vastly different which is where different learning resources come in to play.
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Reinforcements could be verbal, writing little notes on their worksheets they completed, or even letting their parents know how great they have performed. General student population should benefit greatly from the video education resource and I am excited to be challenged in my upcoming years of being a teacher.
Succeeding, another educational resource to use for a diverse student population is real-time communication. Guest speakers are the best; not only do they provide a break from classroom time but they also become role models for children to see that these people have been in their shoes and they can become what they want to be with a little hard work. Guest speakers are amazing no matter what grade level and can assist a vast majority of students no matter what grade they are in. According to lcavezza a teacher bloggist on the site UnitedTeach, “there are five reasons to bring real guest speakers to your classroom. First, they make subjects in the classroom much more relevant, second, they make kids excited about their future, third they give students a different perspective such as the outside looking in effect, fourthly, they help children figure out their goals in life, and lastly, they inspire” (Lcavezza, 2014). I love that last reason, to

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