Tappan Brothers Advantages

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Adrian Castellanos
Mrs. Kroll
January 15, 2016
USHH1 Research Paper
The Tappan brothers, who were they?
Throughout America 's History there have been many people who have fought for the rights & freedoms of other less fortunate groups. This set of "Freedom Fighters" was known as the Tappan brothers. They fought for the abolition of slavery and for the equality of Black Americans in the United States. They did so through their many actions both as businessmen and as individuals. The brothers started several organizations and churches to help many oppressed people, especially, but not limited, to Black Americans. They also donated substantial sums of money to organizations helping other causes they believed in. It can easily be said that
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It was these beliefs that lead the brothers to accomplish what they did. They never even printed anything that they found to be morally incorrect in their newspaper, New York Journal of Commerce. They also hardly did business with anyone who was in direct relation to slavery and its spread. In addition to that they helped to fund equal education for Black Americans with donations to Oberlin College, a fully race intergraded school. Lewis Tappan specifically supported The Emancipator, an abolitionist newspaper. (BLUE …show more content…
The impact the brothers have on us is purely economic. If you have ever heard of a credit score, or a credit rating, it is thanks to the Tappan brothers. They established and ran the first credit rating agency. It is today known as Dunn and Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB) and it is worth 1.7 billion dollars, making it the biggest name in its industry. Were it not for this economic innovation, people could to this day be owned and raped by banks offering higher loans then people can afford. This allowed America to achieve a continental market around fifty years prior to

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