Tanglewood Casebook 2 Essay example

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Acquire or Develop Talent:

The Tanglewood organization currently does not have a strong process in acquiring or developing new talent. From the case study we find that Tanglewood would like to focus on having a workforce of committed, qualified individuals who will continue the Tanglewood tradition; yet they have no solid recruiting process into place. The Tanglewood organization also has opportunity around their development process, understanding they want team members to feel valued and know that their opinions count, but just because a team member makes influential suggestions does not necessarily qualify them to be leaders. Though they have a lot of culture and tradition there are not in processes in place to help them acquire
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I believe that Tanglewood should continue to hire internally in order to cultivate a stable and committed workforce. This will help team members to be more committed and willing to have a long-term career within the organization.

Core or Flexible Workforce: Tanglewood has a core workforce, which is viewed as being very essential for the organizational values and culture that Tanglewood seeks to develop and maintain. A core workforce which can be defined as a group of individuals who are classified as regular full-time or part-time employees of the organization. I would suggest that the Tanglewood stores use a mixture of core and flexible (as needed employees) workforce. This will give more flexibility for the organization during peak season. The leadership team would definitely be core workers, and store associates could be flexible workers.

Hire or Retain: The Tanglewood Company seems to have a competitive advantage over their competition in the retail industry. They have the second highest employment growth than any other company besides J. C. Penny. With the increase in employment growth it also shows that Tanglewood has a strong retention rate. Since Tanglewood allows all levels of the corporation to make suggestions and values their employees opinions I think it is safe to say that retention is one of their strong points. Though they have the ability to keep team members, it is

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