Essay on Tanglewood Case 2 : Planning

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Tanglewood Case 2: Planning
Human Resource (HR) planning is the process of forecasting Tanglewood’s future employment needs. Once the employment needs have been forecasted an action plan will be developed to ensure the filling of these needs in a way that aligns with the organization staffing strategy (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2006, p. 91). The plan will analyze the employment environment to determine how many employees will be needed in the future. Then an assessment of the availability of internal and external employees will be completed. The plan consists of five steps. The five steps are forecasting HR requirements, forecasting HR availabilities, conducting an environmental scan, and developing an action plan (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2006, p. 91).
The first step is to forecast HR requirements. HR requirements are labor demands. During this step of the HR planning process a forecast of future employees is determined. There are specific techniques that may be used to forecast HR requirements. These techniques are either statistical or judgmental (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2006, p. 107). The Tanglewood, Washington market is very stable and the stores have been in existence for 10 years or more. Because the Washington market is stable the labor requirements for next year are identical to the current year (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012, p. 15).
The second step is to forecast HR availabilities. This forecasts movement into and out of job…

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