Talking Back, By Bell Hooks Essay

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Upon entry of the story “Talking Back,” by Bell Hooks she declares that “talking back” means speaking as an equal to an authority figure. “It meant daring to disagree and sometimes it just meant having an opinion,” (Hooks 152). Hooks states that she apprehends that women of different races should be able to express their opinions, not just inside the household but also out. She then reveals some of her early trials as a writer and the complications with being a female, African American child (Hooks). In my opinion, being a female with sympathy on the subject of achieving women 's rights, I do agree to an extent with what Hooks has declared. I acknowledge that all women should be able to be creative, confident, and have the audacity to find their own voice. However, when in the presence of someone with preeminent authority I believe it is important to remain respectful and listen to the wisdom they could deliver. During my experience growing up and now as a college student, I never found my voice, even in my own household. Undoubtedly I was raised in a strict manner with my father being the head commander of the house. My mother, sisters, and I had no say in essentially all matters that seemed to precede in our home. He would tell us what to do and when to do it; if we had not been subsequent to his instructions there would be not-so-satisfying repercussions. Nobody could and never will confront and inform him of their own opinions. I never defied my father; his wisdom was…

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