Taking On A University Course Essay

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Taking on a University course can seem very daunting and overwhelming. The difference between succeeding and failing; is the way you visualise the outcome. Positivity and a plan will virtually always help you to succeed. A goal is a desired outcome that we commit ourselves to achieve. The first step of the goal process is as crucial as the end result. Goals help to measure progress, help overcome procrastination and distractions, and give motivation and focus.
The first two weeks of this course have helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses related to study; I have discovered that my strengths, include Organising my study material so it is easier to find, taking organised notes from both lectures, textbooks and readings, and deriving the main focus points out of texts. On the Other hand I am facing the challenge of learning new material and re-learning essay style writing after my break from education. I am learning how to maximise my time and it has made me reflect on my goals for University. It has shown me how to deal with stress and overall, organise myself for my new endeavour.
Setting goals is very important when it comes to succeeding. Goals are broken down into; Long term (overall goal), Medium term (goal for the year) and Short term (daily goals). Short term goals keep you determined and help to break down the larger challenges. Breaking down goals into everyday to-do lists (short term goals) allows learning and my transition back into schooling…

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