Taking A Look At Cyber Bullying

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Bullying is a problem that has been around for a long time, and has several different forms. One of the newest forms of bullying is known as cyber bulling and often occurs in online gaming. Cyber bullying takes place when two or more people are playing online games and a player attacks the victim. In doing this, it can cause harm to people’s emotions, creating emotional damage and establishing a need to protect people from cyber bullies. To protect people from being attacked online the government has passed laws to insure a user’s safety. The public should care about cyber bullying on the Play station network not only because it attacks their rights, but it also can leave a harmful, lasting effect. Bullying often occurs in school facilities …show more content…
In a study conduct by Litwiller and Brausch titled “Cyber Bullying and Physical Bullying in Adolescent Suicide: The Role of Violent Behavior and Substance Use”, they stated that American youth suicide, aging from 10 to 24 was the third leading cause of death. Due to the increased rate of suicide attempts researchers have begun to investigate what causes suicide and why adolescents are attempting it. Bullying can cause several events such as unsafe sexual behaviors and substance abuse that may cause victims to push themselves closure to committing suicide. In order to help the victims, healthy coping methods should be used to encourage the victim. Not only that, but the victim should be away from any substance such as alcohol that could cause depression and lead to suicidal thoughts. Some of the healthy coping methods are described in “Cyber bullying: practices to face digital aggression” written by Mickie Wong-Lo a member of the Department of Special Education at Northeastern Illinois University, Lyndal M. Bullock a member of Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education at University of North Texas, and Robert A. Gable a member of the Department of Education at Old Dominion University. In the article recommendations were provided to parents and school personnel to address cyber bullying issues. These recommendations included saving evidence, reporting techniques, tracking strategies, controlling options, and reporting methods. Saving evidence involves keeping and printing all threatening and harassing correspondences. Reporting techniques included knowing when to block, ignore, and react to bullies and being mindful of language used when responding. Tracking strategies such as emails and text messages and becoming familiar on how to track and block them. Controlling options involves requesting web site or social networking site to remove offensive language. Reporting methods entails notifying

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