Taking A 16 Hour School Day Essay

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According to 10 shocking facts about Korean schools - Grrl Traveler 2010, Korean high schools around the globe have a 16 hour school day. Parents, guardians, educators and several other people believe that having a long school day can benefit a student 's education and increase academic achievement. However, I believe that constantly doing work for a major period of time, results in many negative impacts. Coming back to the original statement, I believe that having a 16 hour school day creates many negative impacts on the school, its education model, and ultimately the students themselves. Therefore, I pose this question. Should school end earlier throughout the day? This is a commonly asked question around the world that needs to be considered. The points below will support the statement approaching, why the school hours should end earlier. Firstly, a vast amount of studies has proven that the average student 's brain isn 't as efficient after the noon hour. Ending school before 1:00 pm will prevent students from losing focus throughout the day. Secondly, a shorter school day allows students more time for important extracurricular activities. Sports and daily activities results in many positive outcomes for a student. Lastly, parents, guardians and teachers will have a variety of different advantages if the school day ends earlier. Evidently, school days that end at 1:00pm instead of 3:00pm, offer a better education in general for the students.
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