Symptoms And Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a device in which people body has problems regulating blood sugar levels (glucose). This disease is very common among African Americans when this occurs the glucose levels is rises to a very high number which then cause you to seek medical care before it’s too late. Because it can cause death if you do not get the proper medicine.


Outside of the doctor checking people blood and urine, there are ways of detecting diabetes. As the disease progress, there is a matter of being thirsty all the time wanting somethi ng to drink, you’re constantly going to the bathroom to urinate, and your vision starts to go as well. It starts to blurred, but it can affect kidneys as well as with poor blood circulation and poor vision.
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The bread turns to glucose and fruits have natural sugars. Weight loss and exercise are a big help. Eating right, exercising could help to control it, possibly going from insulin to pills, to getting it under control to where no medication is needed. Then your body is back regulating glucose properly. Your blood glucose numbers tell you how well your treatments is working. Your doctor will let you know how many times a day you need to check it. It depends on what diabetes medication you 're taking. There 's no one-size-fits-all diabetes diet. You 'll need to pay attention to carbs, fiber, fat, and salt to manage your blood sugar. Physical activity—from working out to doing chores—lower your blood sugar. It also helps your cells use insulin. It also helps your muscles use glucose. Pills often the first kind of medicine people type 2 diabetes try when diet and exercise alone aren 't enough to keep their blood sugar in healthy range. Injectable drugs medications slow how quickly food leaves your stomach and make you feel …show more content…
Over the past 5 years, they 've come up with new treatments. A new animal study found that having an excess if the hormone leptin while pregnant could be one of the reason children born to obese women are at a higher risk if type 2 diabetes. Study have shown a strong association between maternal obesity and a child predisposition to diabetes. They have come out with another medicine all atresia used in combination with mealtime insulin or used as add-on to common background oral antidiabetic drugs for the treatment of patient with type 2 diabetes were evaluated in four 26 weeks and two 52-weeks active-controlled clinical trials involving 2,702 participant s with 1 and 2 diabetes who had inadequate blood sugar control at trial entry. Education and health service programs that ensure patients know everything they need to do to manage the disease. New technology and medications to combat insulin resistance and help patients regulate blood. Glucose, evaluated through clinical trials, prevention and reversal of diabetes complication through an eye, kidney and vascular cell biology research. Often, type 2 tied to people who are overweight, with a sedentary lifestyle. Treatment focuses on diet and exercise. If blood sugar levels are still high, oral medications are used to help the body use its own insulin more efficiently. In some cases, insulin injections are

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