Why Do Caregivers Value Their Culture

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often suffer nerve damage and complications that lead to dangerous infections and the need for amputation. Type-2 diabetes leads to adult blindness in many (citation).
Increased blood glucose levels lead to complications and damage to vessels, veins and arteries throughout the body. Type-2 diabetes is frequently treated with oral medications such as metformin. Medicine however, is not the only treatment for diabetes. Mild cases of type-2 diabetes can be controlled, and at times even reversed, with changes in diet and life-style. These changes require a lot of work and self-discipline but have been proven effective. Whatever method is determined best, blood sugar levels must be monitored regularly.
The subject of food has always been an important part of Jewish traditions. Any traditional Jewish meal begins with breaking of bread made with eggs, so the tendency is to consume a lot of bread. Most Jewish meals include soups made from chicken broth, stuffed cabbage (with meatballs), sweet stew, pudding, and apple cake. Jews appreciate good food, and
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Caregivers must treat all clients with respect and dignity and understand the cultural background of each gives the unique opportunity to guarantee compliance and successful outcomes. Knowing what clients value helps create an atmosphere of mutual respect between caregivers and clients. This mutual respect and trust will go a long way in both preventive and curative healthcare options and help nurses, and all health care professionals, provide individual care for each patient. This research paper helped me to better understand how our cultures, customs, and traditions affect the way we accept and respond to medical care. This understanding will help me in my nursing training to develop the right sensitivities that will enhance the type of healthcare that I am able to provide to my

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