Symptoms And Treatment Of Ptsd Essay

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During the 20th Century, war became a condition of existence for both soldiers and civilians partly because, this condition, PTSD/Shell Shock was spreading. What was thought to be a physical and mental issue and is now known as a psychological condition. Although society today has come much farther than when in World War One or Two, it was a slow road getting to how society views it now.The social stigma against PTSD makes it arduous to treat and slowed the progression of how it’s viewed.The transitions from viewing PTSD as a disciplinary issue and the harsh of types of treatment that followed suit, as well as the failure to recognize this as a psychological malady are some of the causes of this.
Doctor C.S. Myers was a psychologist hired as a direct result of The Battle of Somme, to deal with the growing numbers of soldiers being evacuated for mental trauma, in a time when psychiatry was not a well respected career (Edelmann - Shell Shock to PTSD). At first look he presumed the soldiers to be suffering from a physical ailment called ‘windage’; head trauma caused by shock waves from large shells or IEDs detonating nearby. However, when the symptoms such as “incessant terror” failed to stop, he began to look at it as a psychological sickness, and created the term shell shock; as well as the subcategories shell shock s and shell shock w. Due to how psychologists were viewed, in World War Two, when more soldiers were being evacuated at Dunkirk and progress was not happening…

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