How Did Ww1 Affect The Lives Of Soldiers

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The lives of men in war are completely different than any ordinary day for someone not in war. They face many things that regular people couldn’t cope with. They have to worry about loud noises; the machine guns, diseases, and exploding artillery shells that often caused them to panic and lose their bearings. They only went forward because they were carried on by the force of the soldiers around them. Soldiers in war also lived with the persistent presence of death and watching people they loved die. Since combat went on for months on end, they had to carry on the thought of many bodies of dead men around them and the remains of dismembered bodies caused by the bombs. Many soldiers remembered the smell of decomposing bodies. Specifically, soldiers who wrote about their experience focused on the presence of death, disease, and watching people they love die because they wanted the public to know their experience, and to show the reality of war and how it was different from how it was imagined. …show more content…
In Christmas in the Trenches, it is stated that “Life in the trenches was abominable. Continuous sniping, machine gun fire and artillery shelling took a deadly toll.” Day by day these soldiers would hear loud noises and that can affect them later on in life. Most soldiers that go to war have come home with ringing in the ears. The actual emotional effects of war on soldiers can be painful and it seems unfair to the family as well. PTSD and shell shock are the brains attempts to cope with trauma and failing to do so. While PTSD in soldiers, the suffering will come up when re-experiencing the trauma they went through in war, when they dream, or when they think or close their

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