Essay on Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression

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Disabilities can range from being mentally ill, handicap or mood disorders. One serious problem that can have an effect on a person is depression. Depression is something that affects a persons overall energy and mood. It is a disability that many people suffer from and is due to various reasons and causes.
Though depression is a serious problem, it is treatable over a period of time. The reason one suffers from depression vary from individual to individual. Unlike mood swings and temporary feelings, depression is constant. It is a constant struggle with emotions. This illness causes interference with one’s ability to perform everyday tasks; it jumbles one’s thoughts, behaviors and their overall attitude. Depression also called Major Depression is sometimes part of another mood disorder called Bipolar Disorder, in which periods of depression alternate with periods of elevated mood, increased energy, agitation, and other symptoms. “Among all medical illness, major depression is the leading cause of disability in the U.S and many other countries.” ( A person that is suffering from major depression feels more than sadness. It is a mixed feeling of emotions and thoughts that can even lead to suicide. When a person suffers from major depression, they experience extreme sadness, emptiness and worthlessness. As one can see depression is like an…

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