Essay Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression

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!@#@#@!!@##William Styron an accomplished novelist expresses his own account of what it is like to suffer from depression in his memoir Darkness Visible. Depression is an illness that affects more than twenty-five percent of the population, yet little attention publicly is drawn to the illness. The reason why is because it is difficult explain the illness to someone who has not experienced it. There are no physical signs of depression, but only invisible symptoms that are indescribable for the victim. What also makes depression non transparent is the fact that the disease’s psychological symptoms differ in each case. One aspect that can be attributed to all cases of depression is the longevity of the illness. Depression should not be mistaken for sadness for a week or so following a tragic event, but a chronic feeling of melancholy that is resilient for months and even years. The physical manifestation of depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that hinders the way you perceive life.
@!$#$!$@$@@$Styron points out that depression has a negative connotation in society. “I was close to a total ignoramus about depression, which can be as a serious a medical affair as diabetes or cancer. Most likely, as an incipient depressive, I had always subconsciously rejected or ignored the proper knowledge; it cut too close to the physic bone” (Styron 9). Depression is a taboo to society and we tend to not address it that much because we like it out of sight and mind. People are…

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