Suicide In Modern Culture

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Suicide is viewed differently by different cultures throughout history depending upon the actual word itself and the knowledge surrounding the behavior. The word itself has created much of the feelings surrounding the action because of its origin. Cultures throughout history have had differing opinions on suicide and in what cases it is acceptable. In modern culture, much has changed including the recognition and expansion of knowledge about mental illnesses. Treatment and understanding has evolved over time into the still-evolving world of mental healthcare that exists today.
Everything surrounding the word suicide begins with the word itself. The creation, origin, and etymology of the word explains a lot about the feelings surrounding it today. “Suicide” was not originally the word used to describe the action. The word suicide was created and popularized between the years 1645 and 1655, around the same time as the re-uprising of Catholicism and Christianity (“Suicide”). Although all of this information is known, the exact origin is not. Most scholars believe that the word came from the Catholic church’s interpretation of the Bible. However, the actual stems used in the word come from Roman and Greek origins. The word “suicide” itself often has negative connotations in modern
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Further study into psychological and mental behaviors and function led to recognition of an uncontrollable mental state. No one decides to commit suicide unless they are in an unhealthy state of mind, thus making their healthy decision-making unable to function properly. The mental illness is the source of the suicidal ideation rather than the person itself. Medicines have been put through multiple clinical trials to reveal the effectiveness of the drug. They are often compared with a placebo pill to see if the chemicals are actually making the difference or if the “feel good” effect is in

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