Symbolism In Smoke Signals

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In a film directed by Chris Eyre, “Smoke Signals,” is the story of two Indian boys in a journey. At Idaho 's desolate Coeur d 'Alene Indian reservation, Victor and Thomas grew up together. They are not exactly friends, but they have a special connection that built up throughout the story. Victor Joseph is the stoic, athletic young man who is mostly ignored by others. On the other hand, Thomas Builds-the-Fire is the goofy, young man who is a true believer of spirits and he makes every effort to connect with others through the oral tradition of storytelling. Moreover, Victor’s father, Arnold Joseph, who is an alcoholic manage to save infant Thomas’ life in a fire. As a result, Thomas who was raised by his grandmother continues on to worship …show more content…
The fact that mostly the problems of an American family has to deal with, particularly incident about parent on child violence, alcohol abuse and the stereotyping of the white racism. All these incidents are part of the American society. Another way the film is represented is through the art of storytelling. As storytelling holds the traditionally Native American culture. It is a way where one can preserve the past and manage present disappointments. In addition, the Native Americans are seen submissive. These hold truths in the film and in the American culture and society. The fact when Victor asked the cowboys in the bus to get their seats back, he just let the cowboys take over their seats, in comparison to what our history teach us with Native Americans and the Europeans. On the other hand, there are some stereotypes that are not represented in an American culture and society portrayed in the film. The negative stereotypes about Native Americans classified as drunk and living in a dysfunctional family do not really represent the American culture and society as seen by others. The film emphasizes stereotypes of American culture and society by exposing their

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