Essay On Smoke Signals

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The movie is entitled Smoke Signals because at first it may seem like a stereotypical representation of Native Americans, however, it actually signifies the lack of communication Victor and Thomas have with each other, as well as between Victor and his father, and between the rest of their Indian community. This is because smoke from campfires continues to be a stereotypical symbol of Indian life and was how others, mostly the white community could identify Indians’ presence from miles away, like the fire that changed both Victor and Thomas's lives forever. The subjective shapes of the smoke have also been stereotypical symbols of Indian culture, as films like Pocahontas, depict mystical images and messages sent from the smoke itself. Just …show more content…
The film also shows that these areas mostly have a low socioeconomic status, however, the people seem to remain in high spirits. However, it does portray some problematic and false ideals, like the party that started the fire, which was to celebrate Independence Day, which is a sensitive holiday for many Natives, as it is a reminder of white colonial success. Also, Victor’s poor childhood due to a negligent and an absent father may be stereotypically and problematically generalized onto all Native families, as many fathers of color are often accused of being unfit parents. Alcoholism is also heavily portrayed in this movie, not only onto Victor’s father, as one of the main reasons for his abandonment, but also onto many of the other reservation members, such as Victor’s mother and the two other girls that they meet up with while hitchhiking. The reservation is also depicted as lacking truth and fulfillment, and therefore residing elsewhere, which may have caused both Victor, Victor’s father, and Thomas to leave the reservation. It was only until this when everyone sought what they were looking for, outside of the reservation, and thus, became

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