Compare And Contrast Smoke Signals Book And Movie

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The movie “Smoke Signals” and the novel “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” have some similarities and contrasts. The movie is about two indian boys named Victor and Thomas who go on an adventure to retrieve Victor's’ father's’ ashes. In the novel Junior, the main character struggles to find his place in society, he ends up going to a white kids school instead of the indian reservation school. Another thing to notice is that Victor and Thomas were around the age of 18 maybe 19 years old, Junior on the other hand was about 14 or 15 years old so a bit of an age difference. Both the movie and the novel have one thing in common that would only be the fact that both feature native american characters. The movie and the book have some similarities and some differences. The movie and book showed that abuse is a dark shadow that looms over the indian population. In the movie we come to realize that Victor's dad was the one to accidentally kill Thomas‘s parents, filled with grief he became fixated on drinking alcohol and being a drunk. So one day Victor’s dad picks up Victor from the trading post to take him home, when they get to the house Victor was holding one of his dad's beers and dropped it on accident so dad punches him in the face. The same applies to Junior’s best friend Rowdy, it was like every time Junior saw …show more content…
We had abuse from Victor's dad and rowdy with his dad beating him as well, then we had poverty and effects that it brought on living and cars for the boys and how Junior couldn’t even afford a fried chicken meal. Finally we have discrimination from Junior getting picked on and called names to the boys almost getting arrested for something they did not do. The novel “ The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” and the movie “Smoke Signals” covered topics that happen in everyday Indian

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