Nurse Ratched Stereotypes

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The 1975 film involves a criminal named Randle who pleads insanity after getting into trouble once again (IMDb, 1990). As Randle is involuntarily moved to the mental institution, he rebels against the domineering nurse and rallies up the patients (IMDb, 1990). The ratings of this movie were 95%, which is very high for a film rating (Rotten Tomatoes). Randle becomes enemies with Nurse Ratched as she is an authority figure who enforces the rules and correct behavior, while Randle is a rule-breaker with charisma and rebellion (Rotten Tomatoes). The film is full of the stigma attached to mental illness as well as the dynamics inside of a psychiatric hospital. There are multiple stereotypes that present themselves throughout the 1975 film. These stereotypes play a crucial role in shaping the …show more content…
She promoted a competitive and intimidating environment among the patients in order to keep her position of power. This caused me to feel frustrated and confused by Nurse Ratched as well as the entire system of the mental health facilities. Randle was specifically moved out of a prison in order to improve his mental well-being and guide him back to functioning in society. An authoritarian environment is crucial and clearly found inside of a prison unit. However, I do not understand why Nurse Ratched would implement these same practices inside of a psychiatric unit. As I mentioned after the film and during the class discussion, it seems somewhat hypocritical that Randle was moved from an environment to one of similar instances and staff. In my opinion, staffs of a psychiatric unit are supposed to show warmth and empathize with the patients to make them feel wanted. The patients should not stay because of directed fear from the staff or intimidation tactics. I do not agree with Nurse Ratched’s methods as a psychiatric nurse, but I am not necessarily in her

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