One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Book Report

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The book I chose to read is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It was written by Ken Kessey in 1962. The book was published by Signet and has 325 pages. The book is told from the view of Chief Bromden, who is a half Indian man who pretends to be deaf and dumb. Chief and his friends usually follow a normal schedule, which includes eating, bathing, and recreational times. But all of this changes when a new patient joins the hospital. THis new patient, whose name is Randal McMurphy, is loud, rude, and isn 't afraid to stand up for his fellow inmates. Throughout the story, McMurphy tries to make the life of Nurse Ratched, who is referred to as the “The Big Nurse” miserable. The Big Nurse rules the ward with an iron fist, using fear as a weapon. She usual has everything under control, but everything changes when McMurphy comes around. The Big Nurse believes McMurphy is trying to take over the entire ward and throughout the …show more content…
The book needed to take place in a mental hospital because it tell the story of a group of patients trying to survive the Big Nurse 's harshness. The book would not have worked anywhere else, because the men in the book were all mentally ill, and needed to live in the mental hospital. If it hadn 't taken place in a mental hospital, we would not have seen what McMurphy did to screw with the Big Nurse, and the plot would be very different. The theme of the story is not to let society take control of us. The Big Nurse represents society ruling with an iron fist above all other people. McMurphy represents all of us. Throughout the book, McMurphy tries to take control of the ward and take all of the Big Nurse 's power. It shows that we have to stand up for ourselves and have to do what we want, not let society control what we do. The theme was hard to find at first, but as you get more and more into the story, you start to realize what the Big Nurse and McMurphy

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