Symbolism In Animal Farm

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Discuss the techniques Orwell uses to communicate his attitudes towards soviet Russia’s political system. George Orwell’s novel animal farm is a satirical allegory based on the events of the Russian revolution. While often mislabeled as a fable, animal farm assumes the style of an allegory, having both animal as well as human characters with symbolic references. The text was written by Orwell to warn people or raise awareness to the danger of communism, or Russia’s political system. As such it is evident that Orwell has a negative attitude towards Soviet Russia’s political system. Orwell believes that communism is dangerous to the public and is a form of enslaving the population of a free nation. In order to express his attitudes towards Russia’s political system Orwell wrote the text animal farm in the form of a satirical allegory, and utilized narrative elements such as Plot and Themes to deliver his moral, which elicits his attitudes, or feelings towards communism. …show more content…
The effect of this decision was that the novel captivated its audience and despite a greater meaning, while still understandable by the younger populace. A satirical allegory is a text that ridicules aspects of something whilst utilizing symbolic characters or references. An example directly from the text itself is Orwell’s portrayal of Soviet Russia’s political leaders Stalin and Trotsky. In the text Orwell portrays these men as pigs, which are often associated with greed and selfishness. Such selfishness occurred with Russia’s political leaders, who oppressed the population and lived the high life while their people suffered. This idea of greed in political leaders is also further reinforced by the progression of the characters through the

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