Animal Farm George Orwell Analysis

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QUESTION: ‘What opportunities does writing Animal Farm as an allegory rather than an academic essay offer Orwell?
In Animal Farm George Orwell writes a story of the way he believes Stalin betrayed the ideals of the Russian Revolution. These ideals were about sharing resources among all people. The characters in animal farm have the same features as the Russian Revolution.
In Orwell’s short allegory novel, he provides a much more interesting image than an essay, for Orwell to critique the way idealism is corrupted by dictators who destroy the vision of justice and freedom on which their original intention was founded. Rather than being just particular to the inspiration for the allegory, Animal Farm enabled Orwell to be published widely and freely, so that without political interference, his insight into Stalin’s failure could be entertaining whilst conveying a universal truth.
An essay could not have influenced as many readers across time as has Orwell’s novel. Unlike an academic essay, he utilised
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Perhaps this censorship was in Animal Farm’s favour. It could be read on all levels, as a fairy tale or as a political satire and maybe this accounted in part for its great success across the English-speaking world. His book sold out within weeks and the income enabled him to leave his job and write the novel, (‘1984’) which was burning inside him. The way truth was distorted in the novel is memorable. Totting up documentary evidence of what was happening in Russia may not have done this so powerfully. This truth altering is graphically shown as Napoleon changed the commandments of animism, one by one, until the dream of equality and freedom was obliterated. By the end of Orwell’s book only one commandment

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