Essay about Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis /Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats/

Marine fishing Freshwater fishing Aquaculture production Processing and marketing of living aquatic resources

Strengths Lower quantities of catches of natural resources of marine fisheries than the marginal allowable catches

Existing pelagic fish resources

Existing mollusk resources (sea snail/Rapana and black mussel)

Existing specific resources (sturgeon, turbot)

Existing good level of land and water control by state authorities

Highly qualified scientific experts in the field of ichthyology and hydrobiology are available /tradition in research and education/

Existing good partnership between the fisheries administration and the scientific
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re-circulation fish breeding systems

Lack of organised marketing eliminates profitability of least efficient farms

Poor implementation of research results

Insufficient interaction between the administration and fish and aquaculture producers and their organizations

Lack of recognized Producers’ organizations in the sense of EU legislation

Low degree of integration between catching, processing and marketing enterprises and activities

Lack of tradition to prepare and eat fish regularly

Producing high volume of fish without well developed marketing strategy
Lack of first sale centers and registered buyers of fish and other aquatic organisms

Wholesale/farm gate prices of fresh water species and marine catches are low;

Undeveloped marketing and distribution channels /increased expenses for marketing of fish and fish products/

Retail prices are relatively high compared with the low farm gate and first sale prices;

Poor demand and weak traditions in consuming fish and other aquatic products /seasonal demand for fish and fish products/

Lack of inland facilities for wholesale distribution of fresh and live fish from marine fisheries and aquaculture;

Lack of infrastructure for first sale (port markets and storing places);

Insufficient promotion of fish products and traditionally

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