Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis Opportunities
The Bank is very well placed with a good and assured customer base from the level of the government and the public sector business. Many patriotic Nationals will do business with Sample Bank Ltd because they know that the profits of the Bank belong to the people of the country and are used for the country’s development. The availability of modern telecommunication systems and technology will facilitate the improvement and strengthening of the Bank’s international business and ATM services, and the development of new services, such as telephone banking. The increased access to computers by customers will allow the bank to reach more target groups through electronic communication. The tourism industry is growing
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The introduction of American culture and lifestyles into our society could result in greater external spending and so have a negative impact on the local economy. With the establishment of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy the Bank will be faced with competition from regional banks that are better equipped and prepared to meet the changing needs of customers. We also have to compete with banks and other financial institutions in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and abroad as a result of globalization. First Caribbean International Bank (the new entity that will be formed from the merger of Barclays Bank and CIBC) will be a stronger force to recon with, as it will be able to reach a wider cross-section of the market due to the combining of strategic capabilities and competences, human and financial resources, and contacts and delivery networks. The black listing of the country by the FATF could affect the Bank’s correspondent banking relationships, as the Bank will be under greater scrutiny from the eyes of the outside world. Any severing of such relationship will curtail the bank’s ability to handle customers’ international business. The deterioration of the banana industry, one of the country’s major industries, could result in a downturn in the economy. The anticipated decline of the local tourism industry as a result of the recent terrorist attacks

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