Swot Analysis Essay

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TO: Prof.XY
DATE: March 23, 2014

Business Brief

The following assignment requires Custom Coffee & Chocolates Company analyzes of the internal and external environment, identifying its strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and develop strategies for the matches.
Coffee drinking is one of the most world spread and consume habits of all time. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world. The Huffington Post (February 11, 2011). These consumed routine and behavior led many people to start up their own occupational in the coffee business. One such sample is close
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They should absolutely consider comprising a breakfast on the menu. 65% percent of the Americans drink it with breakfast (Harvard school of public health, 2013).
Second, strategy policy is to think through special offers and discounts in the low hours and the off season when the work is less which will attract more customers and possibly new target group beside students. What do you think, why restaurants and cafés in days such as Monday and Tuesday offer some of their menus at half prices?
Furthermore, the pleasant atmosphere in the café could be enchased with free Wi-Fi and tablets or kindles which will contribute to even more pleasant ambient and draw new customers. Another necessary strategy is advertising of the new and improved menu on the social media consider the fact that the café is nearby University. Total percentage of 18-24 years olds who already use social media is 98%. (Statistic Brain, Social Networking Statistics January 1, 2014)
Next, the limited space of the café could be substituted with coffee catering during the many events on campus. Normally that would require enlarging of the personal staff; however it is an investment that will certainly pay off. After all, most of them would be employed as part-time personnel. It will certainly increase their flexibility to start earlier or close up later than the competition.

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