Essay on Swot Analysis

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Mashell Chapeyama
University of the People
Swot analysis for Chipinge Banana Company

Swot analysis is an environmental scanning tool. It is widely used in the world of business in analyzing some factors that have a great bearing on the company’s drive to achieve its mission. With swot companies are able to identify both negative and positive factors that have a bearing on the viability of the organization. Using swot, a company can find its own weaknesses and strengths as well as the opportunities and threats that are found in the broader economy. This essay shall concentrate on identifying and evaluating the internal and external factors that affect Chipinge Banana Company.
Chipinge Banana Company is a company that is devoted to the
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Both internal factors and external factors are very important. If the internal factors are good and the external factors are bad, the company is highly affected. Probably the external factors are a bit too stronger. For example government legislation may lead to the closer of a company.
Marketing information is very essential to the company. A firm must come up with strategies to harness the market opportunities in the environment. Management factors are also essential. Good management and leadership are essential to the continued viability of the company. Resources must also be harnessed properly to balance the operation of the company. Industrial peace is a very good ingredient for a successful organization.
In light of the example of a company that we have looked at we can see that SWOT analysis is very important. Swot analysis is not a static activity, it should be ongoing. Strategies that are derived from information from swot can be very effective in the company.

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