Swot Analysis : The Fast Food Industry Essay

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Wendy’s makes up a large portion of the gigantic industry known as QSR, or quick service restaurants. The fast food industry, as QSR is more commonly known, is driven by high volume, low costs intertwined with efficient delivery of product. The concept of fast food products being an enormous driving factor in the obesity crisis that is taking over the United States, and the world, has plagued the QSR industry. To try and counter this perception, many companies have tried to implement healthy alternatives in order to continue generating revenue numbers like the previous years yielded, but bad press and a steadily growing health-conscious society still looms over the industry. Fortunate for QSR/fast food businesses, they are, for the most part, recession proof, but there is a large amount of market saturation within the industry. In creating a comprehensive top-to-bottom industry analysis, a PESTEL analysis, Five Forces Analysis, and SWOT/RBV analysis will be conducted.


This first analysis covered, PESTEL, looks at the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental, and legal factors that affect both Wendy’s and the QSR/fast-food industry.

Political Factors

Health regulations, workers protection rights, and labor regulations have all had huge impacts on the QSR/fast food industry. One specific health regulation that has undoubtedly affected all fast food chains in the requirement of providing the calorie count for all food products served. Due…

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