Swot Analysis Of Victoria 's Secret Essay

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The SWOT analysis was used to analyze Victoria’s Secrets internal strengths and weaknesses in connection to the external opportunities and threats. The company’s major strengths include strong brand recognition, fashion shows, strong E-commerce, wide range of products, Oligopoly within American lingerie market and effective social media marketing. Victoria’s Secrets weaknesses are their limited store locations outside of the US, high inventory rate, skinny centric marketing and lack of promotional consistency across channels. Going forward, company’s new growth opportunities include international expansion, economic recovery, growth of the target population and plus-sized market. The threats Victoria’s Secret may face consist foreign competitors, exchange risk and more affordable department store lingerie brands.
Victoria’s Secret should analyze these considerations to see if they can be capitalized on to add to their competitive advantage. SWOT analysis is a helpful tool for making sure Victoria’s Secret concentrates on their strengths, invests in their weaknesses, and capitalizes on all opportunities accessible throughout the company.


When doing business in Finland Victoria’s Secret needs to be prepared to experience things that are different from American culture. With proper preparation and planning Victoria’s Secret can expect positive business dealings. When doing business in Finland, it is advantageous to have some knowledge about the culture,…

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