Swot Analysis Of Pizza Box

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Bargaining power of supplier
The bargaining power of supplier is low. To the labor aspect, the supply of fast food industry is abundant, because the knowledge and requirement of pizza industry are low. Many people which have not been trained can do the job very well. Pizza box is not concern about the supply of labor. The major supplier of pizza industry is the raw material suppliers. However, most of raw martial can be replaced, for instances cheese, flour, fruits etc. Furthermore, there are many supplier selling same goods in the market, and they cannot sell directly to Pizza box’s customers. Pizza box is very easy to find other raw material to satisfy the requirement. Most importantly, Pizza box tend to buy the raw material with the concentrated purchasers. Therefore, the bargaining power of supplier is
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They may develop a frozen pizza and customer can just simply reheat the pizza with the microwave oven. Such pizza can be exposed to different levels of people easily because the product is easy to store. Pizza Box can distribute to any supermarket and convenient store such as Welcome, 7-Eleven, 759STORE…etc. In fact, Pizza Box has already had the experience of making pizza so it may not be very difficult for them to develop a frozen pizza compared with others. Actually, the new product can also enjoy the same branding to ensure the quantity of sales. The customer will be willing to buy it because they just think that Pizza Box is the expert of making pizza and their product should be good enough. It can also increase the loyalty of customer as well. In addition, if the company worries about the taste or they do not feel confident, they can use another brand name to distribute the product. It can share the risk of the product as the customer will not have any bad impression about Pizza Box even the product is not good

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