Swot Analysis Of Nick 's Pizza Essay

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Nick’s Pizza is obvious a marvelous place to unwind and enjoy a meal with friends and family. They seem to have areas of opportunity for growth. One area is cost containment. Another is improvement of hiring and retention practices. Lastly, the ability to duplicate themselves and maintain the elements affecting profitability. Nick wants to grow the business but has a problem he needs to define. There is a long distance between where he is and where he wants to be with better profitability and additional locations. He will need to analyze the criteria for the problem areas in order to set priority (Williams, 2014, p. 120-123).
Nick needs to take a step back. He needs to do some analysis and decide what type of management and leadership roles he needs for his current managers to take. He needs to be able to define that in a written statement. (Williams, 2014, p. 10-24).
It is important that he and his managers are in tuned with the environment both inside and outside of the business. He knows he had been impacted by some costing concerns internally. He has also experienced an economic turn from outside. It may be time to have some analysis done on the local completion to assure he is priced correctly in the industry. He should also consider approaching suppliers to ask for the best pricing, terms and discounts. Then follow up with his accountant to make sure invoices are paid on time and taking those negotiated deep discounts. (Williams, 2014, p. 36-47).…

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