Swot Analysis Of Kraft Foods

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Strengths * World’s second largest food company * Strong brand equity * Innovation * Distribution network * Ad Hoc R&D | Weaknesses * Market share * Competition * Debt requirements * Geographic concentration | Opportunities * Expansion in developing markets * Explore Cadbury markets * Repositioning * Offer Organic Products | Threats * Cadbury purchase issues * Fierce competition * Poor implementations on Cadbury division * Unhappy customers |

Kraft Foods Inc. enjoys the position of world’s second largest food company after Nestle (Trevis, 2011). The company masters the manufacturing and marketing of confectionary, food items and beverages. It has more than 11 brands in the markets of America, Europe and Asia. The company has strong brand image and offers innovative products to its customer base. More than 40 of its brands has 100 years heritage (Kraft Foods, 2011). Kraft Foods provides an interesting portrait of a company that employs traditional distribution network as well as 2 tier direct store delivery distribution network (MWPL, 2011). With its continuous Research and development units the company is continuously in a process of offering safe, healthy and innovative products to its customers. The effective R&D is a key to sustain its market position and competition in the
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Reposition its brand image in the markets to communicate with the customers to remove the negative thinking from their minds which arose after Cadbury’s acquisition.

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