Swot Analysis Of Eke To Chic Studio

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Executive Overview:
Eke to Chic Studio is a full service hair salon open to anyone wanting their hair needs satisfied in one convenient visit. Many salons, such as Super Cuts, only provide the minimum services, whereas the upscale salons can be inconvenient due to scheduling requirements and cost. Eke to Chic Studio perceives an unfulfilled customer 's need for a low-cost salon that provides maximum flexibility and strong customer attention. It is not just a salon, but also incorporates retail and e-commerce to sustain an overall competitive market in the hair industry. Using this strategy, it will gain significant market share and create critical long-term relationships with its clients.
Eke to Chic Studio is a limited liability corporation
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Within my business, we have numerous strengths staring with a great management team and employees. Having well rounded, experience and educated management give us a stable foundation and the ability to mentor our staff continuously in various situations. Employing the best people that fit our business vision and mission statement. Having positive hard working people that is hungry to become a better career professionals could help the business to grow stronger.
Second, giving training and continuing education service to management and staff within our business industry will keep us in a completive state to always improve in area that we may be weak in or make it stronger. It gives inspiration to people to be more creative and welling to participate to developed identity with the business. Lastly, we have integrated technology within our services that will generate less risk and viewable options for our clients. For instants, on the retail side, we market hair intentions, products and supplies where our clients have digitally view a further hairstyle or information products to help make their decision with eases. In addition, having a business website where clients can put in others, hair/nail appointments, seek products information, and advice regarding hair and

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