Domino's Pizza Mission Statement

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Historical Background and Present Context
Domino’s Pizza is a billion dollar company with over 50 years in the business of pizza making (International Directory of Company Histories). Currently, Dominions has over 15,000 employees and they are open internationally in 82 countries (International Directory of Company Histories). The company expects to be the number one in pizza making and pizza delivering; this is also said in their mission statement (Domino’s Pizza Inc.). With only 50 years of experience dominos has manage to grab the number two spot as a the United States largest pizza franchise.
Founded in Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1960, by Tom Monaghan and his brother, the original name of the pizza shop was DomiNick's and it was bought for only $900 (Domino’s Pizza Inc.). Jim Monagan thought that the current billion dollar
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Well, I went to two different cotenants both had two different statements. Let’s start with America first, it’s pretty simple ‘To be number one’ (Domino’s Pizza Inc.). This mission statement is a vague one. Being number one is great! But do you want to be number one at making pizzas, or customer service, or something different? As for the Australian mission statement its ‘Sell more pizza, have more fun!” (Domino’s Pizza Inc.).
Vision Statement- “To be number one in people, To be number one in pizza.” (Domino’s Pizza Inc.). Their vision and mission basically amount to being the number one pizza chain in the world. Delivering the best product that they possibly can, coupled with the best service from the best employees. They intend to do this while creating a positive and fun environment for their employees. I have noticed that their values aren’t just to make profit but to make ‘friends’ I guess would be a good way to put it. I say this because I see a lot of their values as ‘Number one in people’ ‘Treat people like you would like to

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