Essay on Swot Analysis Of Aetna ( Inc )

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Assessment (27763)

Question1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the above organization. Your analysis should include the following influences.
a. Skills
b. Staff
c. Structure
d. Systems
e. Shared values
Analyse the impact of each influence (as above) on the organization.
Assess the consequence of each impact as they apply to the organization.
The answer: My analysis of Aetna (Inc), using a SWOT model includes
a. Skills:
—Strengths: Aetna has developed innovative and tailored products and service solutions to place them at number one in the health care industry. Improving their customer services training and developing their feedback system has contributed to skill development, helping them achieve number one.
(all information sourced from class handout)

—Weaknesses: High training expense cause Aetna has to reduce the quality of customer service. They have faced financial strain.

—Opportunities: Aetna has an opportunity to develop a diverse supplier base. Changing customer needs Aetna use new products and services. For letting customers be comfortable when doing business with them, Aetna will deliver best service to their customers for achieving this goal. (all information sourced from class handout)

—Threats: (competition) Aetna 's success has led to its being lazy in the market. The health care industry is in the maturation stage and universal health care would affect the development of this industry. Government regulation limits Aetna 's ability to operate efficiently. The…

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