Swot Analysis : Manulife Financial Essay

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Manulife Financial is an International financial services group that has been running for the last one hundred and twenty-five years. The group is headquartered in Canada as Manulife Financial where its principal operations are carried out but has several subsidiaries in Asia and the United States. In the United States, the company is known as John Hancock. The company provides financial services, for example, pensions, group benefits, health insurance, long-term care services, mutual funds and life insurance (Manulife Financial). The company also offers reinsurance services. To understand how Manulife Financial can make their programs take advantage of the globalization, it is imperative to conduct a SWOT analysis of the firm.

SWOT Analysis

• Manulife is second largest life insurer in North America and the tenth largest in the world when measure by market capitalization, it has operations in some significant economic countries: Asia, Canada, and the United States. Because of their strong brand image and market reputation, it was the worldwide sponsor of the 2008 summer Olympics.
• Manulife Financial has revenue diversification by providing different finance related products and services in equally diversified geographical markets; therefore, their revenue stream does not rely on any single division. This varied revenue stream reduces business risk and also provides cross-selling opportunities.
• Changes in tax treatment on retirement and wealth management…

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