Swot Analysis : American Airlines Essay

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MY analysis of the differential advantages/strengths and the weaknesses of the firm:
Strengths: American Airlines is the largest airline in the United States. This includes the number of airplanes, the number of total seats, and the number of passengers transported. This is the biggest reason they continue to make profits and break profit records for their company each quarter. (Forbes)
Weaknesses: American Airlines ranges on the more expensive side, and some people are willing to, and will actually go out of their way to find a cheaper option.
MY analysis of the firm’s Web site: The very first thing I like about American Airlines’ website is the URL aa.com. Long complex URLs can be cumbersome or easy to forget, and although americanairlines.com, which they also own, is not a frustrating url, the compact nature of the first one is appealing to me. Upon loading the website, the first thing I see is the name and logo of the airline. From browsing other airline websites, I have determined that this is standard practice. I suppose it serves the purpose of being a header that informs the viewer that they have arrived at the correct website. Immediately to the right is a search bar. I hate when I want to search for something on a website and there’s no search feature. Sure, the browser has a search feature, but only for exact text matches, and only for that specific page. A good search feature will link you to every related page on the site. Below the search bar are three…

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