Essay on Suzuki Motor Corporation Is A Multinational Company

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Suzuki Motor Corporation is a multinational company that manufactures engines and a variety of vehicles. Suzuki first entered the United States in 1985 with a compact sport utility vehicle, but its peak year in company sales wasn 't until 2007(Jie & Hagiwara, 2012). Since 2009, and the economic recession that hit the United States, Suzuki had to change its approach of providing the United States with cars by focusing manufacturing in Japan (Jie & Hagiwara, 2012). The company had previously been manufacturing in Ontario Canada in a joint venture with General Motors Canada since 1989 (Jie & Hagiwara, 2012). With dwindling sales, and an almost impossible market due to a recession, Suzuki made a final decision in 2012 to remove itself from the United States market and instead focus its efforts elsewhere (Jie & Hagiwara, 2012). Suzuki decided to focus on the emerging markets within the world, which were identified as India and Southeast Asia (Jie & Hagiwara, 2012). In India alone, Suzuki has already been able to grab the top share of the automobile market (Tabuchi, 2012). Though Suzuki made the decision to halt providing its automobiles to the United States, they have maintained a presence in the motorcycle, all-terrain, and marine markets (Jie & Hagiwara, 2012). Unfortunately, and after much time and effort, Suzuki realized Americans are primarily consumers of larger vehicles, and its smaller more compact vehicles were not desirable in the United States market. Rather than…

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