Sustainable Development And Environmental Sustainability Essay

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Though sustainable development is not limited to a single definition, the most widely recognised definition of sustainable development is: “Development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (WCED, 1987). There are three pillars of sustainable development; environmental, social and economic. Colantonio and Dixon (2011) highlight that much of the work involving sustainability focuses on economic and environmental sustainability, with little attention being paid to social sustainability. The lack of research on social sustainability is hindering to cities progressing as population growth is the fastest in city regions. Various social problems can arise from rapid population growth in cities. For example, Newham (a London 2012 Olympic host borough) has one of the highest overcrowding rates (25%), considerably higher than over London borough (Institute, 2015). Overcrowding in developed and developing city region alike, place significant pressure on housing resources which cause those with limited financial and political resources to be placed with the greatest disadvantage and individual find themselves often excluded from policies that directly affect them.
However, policy-makers have formally recognised the issues surrounding growth and social equality. The European Commission (EC) (2006 cited in Colantonio and Dixon, 2011) states that ‘transport, accessibility and mobility; improving access…

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