Sustainability Development in Hotel Industry Essay

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Sustainable Development in Hotel Industry

by Chandershekher Joshi

“Customers’ green attitudes are, in general, significantly associated with their expressed intentions to visit a green hotel, to spread word-of-mouth about a green hotel, and to pay more for it.”
-- International Journal of Hospitality Management

“Eco-friendly hotels get higher consumer reviews than their non-green counterparts.”
-- Travelocity

Executive Overview

Today, ‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable’ hotel becomes a buzz world in the Hotel industry. Hotel industry in recent past has come up with various sustainable development measures. These measures are from conserving water, waste management , energy
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When one adds the production of ink and toners to supply photocopy machines it is easy to realize the negative impact of such habits on the environment. In a computerized world it is evident that old habits should be discouraged. Not only would it help the environment but it would also cut costs dramatically in the long term. Only the necessary printing of paper and strict use of recycled paper should be encouraged.
Green Hotel Program – A new Concept
In an industry where investment in the end product (rooms) is enormous it is significant to spend money wisely with a focus on the environment. It actually

gives a great opportunity for the company to display its commitment to SD. Every aspect of room construction and decoration can be addressed: flooring, wall-covering, air conditioning, electrical installation, water usage, furniture, textile and equipment. Clearly the process should not only consider the room but the whole property; however in the hotel industry it is the room product that captures the attention of the public
The value chain of the hotel industry includes a major component which is procurement. This is true not only during construction but while running a hotel and a restaurant. This activity will reveal how a sound hotel SD policy can have a ripple effect on other industries, engaging the procurement company and all suppliers in the same direction. Vendors involved in a hotel construction and

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