Surveillance In Social Media

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“It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Terrestrial TV took 13 years to reach 50 million. But in 4 years after it became available to the general public, the Facebook social networking site had over 500 million users” (Walaski, 2013). Technology is continuously developing from extraordinary minds that have create and shape the current modern technologies. The internet is the second most used source of contemporary technology (after the mobile phones), making it an easy access to information (Flew, 2011). Through social media, the government, corporations and even friends can easily access a specific individual’s information. From social networking to mobile phone; the mobile phone has provided an additional way for corporations and government to monitor what people are doing. From the …show more content…
Also, they can look at old text messages and keep track of their contact lists. This will also give them an opportunity to be aware of themselves from the time that has past. Also, there are peer to peer monitoring (lateral surveillance), where users are sending texts and sharing information through online social media with their mobile phones (Jansson, 2014). By texting friends and family, the user is updating them on information; it can be about where they are, what they were doing and how they are feeling. Corporate surveillance can also be found in mobile devices. Recently, Celebrities have nude photos leaked due to hackers hacking into Apple’s icloud (5 Things to know about the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, 2014), Pictures may be deleted but the cloud always has a copy of it. This shows that corporate surveillance is monitoring everything on mobile phones and that users should be aware that these contents can be expose to the

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