Surgeons: Surgery and Surgical Critical Care Essay

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There are so many types of surgeons and a lot of things to do in the medical fields. There are three things in the medical fields that interests me the most which are trauma surgeons, medical examiners, and neurosurgeons. I’m going to tell you about all three of these careers, what they all do, and much, much more. To become a surgeon of any kind you need to take college course like Anatomy, Biology, English or speech class, calculus, a few classes in biochemistry, health science, or a relate.
Trauma Surgeons Trauma surgeons are physicians (MBBS, MBChB, MB, and MD) or (DO) who have completed residency training in general surgery and fellowship training in trauma or surgical critical care. The trauma surgeon is responsible for the
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This increases the operative case load for trauma surgeons and allows other general surgical specialists (such as gastrointestinal surgeons, surgical oncologists, and vascular surgeons) to focus on their own respective areas. An average trauma surgeon gets a salary of 250,000-380,000 or more a year.
Medical Examiner
A medical examiner (ME) is an alternative name for coroner in the US. However, a coroner is not always a medical examiner. In order for a person to be qualified as a medical examiner, he or she must have an M.D., and be licensed as a pathologist.
The pathologist studies disease through examination of tissue, organs, body fluids, and cells. In the case of the medical examiner, this ordinarily takes place after a patient has died. In this case, both a coroner and a medical examiner may be licensed to determine cause of death. In cases of violence, where a crime must be established, but has not caused a death, a medical examiner may assist in rape examinations, analysis of blood, analysis of DNA evidence, and thorough examination of the body to document injury.
Usually we are used to seeing a medical examiner in a court setting, where he or she can describe cause of death or establish DNA evidence. When information about a person who is deceased must be acquired, the medical examiner gets information by conducting the above studies. It should be noted that while most people assume the

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