Essay on Supply Chain Management Performance Implementation

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Most supply chain management specialists prefer supply chain performance implementation because it is the least expensive, the simplest and at least time consuming activity in showing operation improvement. People are believed to behave on the bases of how they are measured. A positive outcome is highly dependent on how well the delivery system, financing, the supply chain, information, the personnel are performing. Improvement of supply chain performance, requires the understanding of the currently performing, an example is the need measuring. The information shows the inefficiency of the supply chain, that helps determine the ways of addressing the deficiencies. The key to a successful improved supply chain performance is focused on the areas that not only underperform, but also to those aligned with the supply chains overall strategy. The logistics of this performance Gap analysis are used in comparing the key performance indicators with the world-class once, or with the best in class indicators. The supply chain management performance measures functions are mainly based on the products selections, suppliers, warehousing, Inventory management, and on distribution (Carmel, 2013).
On the production selection basis each of the product selected by a program for procurement purposes indicates the measured percentage of the listed products or of the other approved products. The indicator helps in determining the used product selection and whether the selection is limited to the…

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