Superhero Fiction As Role Models For Literacy Essay

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Superhero fiction plays a significant role in his life. It’s the outlet that allows him to model action figures and enjoy imaginative play, which is his suspenseful reality. Gladly, I felt relief for jump starting my interview with Mikel’s favorite book and coloring book he would share with his best friend. As an only child, his peers are at the top of his hierarchy as role models for literacy, a depiction that his literacy practice is socially and culturally constructed, along with purposeful. Mikel’s face glowed when he shared, Ninjago.
Within seconds, he schooled me about the book’s plot and the five characters he described – Cole, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, and Zane – plus their inspiring attributes. At the moment he uttered numerous words per minute, I wrote as much as I could and kept asking questions. I heard his precise effort to inform me about Ninjago and the vocabulary he gained from his reading experiences, such as: power, lightning, Earth, rocks, ice, golden power, and fire - terminologies that make it difficult for him to codeswitch between what is proper for recreation versus the demands for a class setting.
His favorite television stations, Cartoon Network and Disney XD, likewise expose him to vocabulary that suits his interest. To reflect community literacy practices, Mikel is also alert while riding in a car, such as recognizing landmarks like Acme, names of schools, and The Free Library of Philadelphia, his favorite place to read. When questioned about his app…

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