Sunrise Service Case Study

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Chapter 18
Sunrise Service

A news of an Extruded Expandrium plant in Pocatello by the Company appears at the beginning of this chapter. Ben Franklyn was selected as the Plant Construction Superintendent with Ted Shelby and Stanley as his staff. Their job was to manage with the electrical, mechanical and operations people. It did not take much of a time to notice that thing are not going on a right track and Ben Franklyn called for a meeting to give his views about the same. A meeting was planned to happen every day before work starts at 6:30 AM for which Ben Franklyn himself appeared so as to improve the communication and coordination. This can be seen as a kind of Motivation to make people attend the meetings. It was noticed that during the
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He was given a big assignment to work on the construction of the Portland, Oregon plant as Kerry Drake’s assistant and was an exciting occasion for Stanley. Kerry and Stanley discussed the issue at hand about Building B lagging behind schedule because the workers hadn’t finished working on Building A due to some internal screw up. Mason called up for a follow up and Kerry completely lied about the progress of Building B. He even went on to add that the Building was 80% complete and they were ahead of the schedule on Building A and even earned some extra money. Lied to his boss to suit his purposes in order to manage the situation. This shows that Kerry doesn’t have an Ethical Behavior at workplace. The author goes on to further explain the situation by citing the example of a big restaurant. He uses the examples of Nancy and Magda who are waitresses at a busy restaurant. Nancy ends up in tears every day, mixes up orders and gets nasty customers. On the other hand, Magda manages with fewer problems, doesn’t cry and makes good money on tips. The author tries to create a contrast in the management styles of Kerry and Magda. Magda had the style of managing the consequences by not letting others decide the agenda. Magda very well negotiates her situation with Stanley and gets the job done quickly. Her Negotiation Process is commendable. She took the management in her hand, by making the decisions for the customers and recommending something quick and

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