Sundiat The Epic Of Sundiata Essay

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The Epic of Sundiata is a story about a man who lived back in the 1100s and 1200s. This Epic’s origins are located in West Africa where the story’s protagonist dwelled and tells about the dramatic story of a man who brought up the ancient kingdom of Mali. Sundiata’s legend was passed on by mouth by people called griots and was eventually written down. These griots were great historian storytellers through many generations who knew most of the information about Sundiata. The narration of the story was by a two griots by the names of Delji Mamadou Kouyate and Gnankouman Doua. They “teach kings the history of their ancestors, [...] but the future springs from the past"(Sundiata 1). Since the story was shared orally for hundreds of years, it has changed and has many different versions that have arose over time. The story about Sundiata Keita, who lived during the 13th century, is based on a real man who founded the ancient African kingdom of Mali that flourished from 1230 to around 1600. He was a prince and the son of a great king of Niani named Maghan Kon Fatta. The Mali empire was important because it was a territorial base and laid the foundations for future prosperity and political unity. It was also a center of trade and peace amongst others who lived near. It was ruled by many rich and powerful kings such, as Sundiata and his grandnephew named Mansa Musa. In the Epic of Sundiata, two people named Sogolon Kolonkan and Balla Fasséké played different roles in his life.…

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