Sun Signs In Candor

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Sun Signs in Characters from Candor
The signs of the Zodiac are known by most people, or at least their own sun sign. While it is quite a complex and imprecise system, astrology can be astonishingly accurate when all the counterparts are put together. The signs can reveal much about one's character. What if you do not know the day of birth for someone? Only speculation can tell. The protagonist of Candor, Oscar Banks, has many traits, but mostly show those of an Aquarius-Pisces cusp. Cusp signs are the in-between grey area signs, where one sign is just starting to set and the other is just starting to rise. This causes one born under such astrological conditions often exhibit traits of both signs, as is what I believe the case is for Oscar. Aquarius is a freedom loving sign, with a strong rebellious streak, where Pisces is often described as self sacrificial. As a cusp, this makes Oscar a great candidate for someone who liberates others for a price, especially because of the Aquarius-Pisces cusps’ love of luxury. Nia is most likely a Sagittarius sun sign. Like Aquari, Sagittarians love
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As a semi-background character, she’s not as well fleshed out as our first two characters, but we see more and more of her personality as the book goes on. Her need for control and balance coincides greatly with a Leo-Virgo cusp, as Leo sun signs are known for their haughtiness and regality, while Virgo’s are often stereotyped as outrageously exact and nitpicky. This combination often leads to a strive for perfection in themselves and others. Apply this to Mandi and you have a perfect match. Leo-Virgo Cusps’ are also often seen as having many followers. You can see that for Mandi in this quotation; “She sweeps her hand around the intersection. Every sidewalk square has a kid working on it. ‘Some people made this a priority’” (Bachorz 56). Just the numbers for having someone on each square of sidewalk is enough to speak of her prowess

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