The Brief Wondrous Life Of Junot Diaz Essay

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The Life of Junot Diaz and His Notable Works
Junot Diaz is known for incorporating different genres in his works that stem from the traumatic events that he and his family experienced under the wrath of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, who ruled the Dominican Republic for more than 30 years, before becoming immigrants (Contreras 5).“Diaz establishes an interesting technique that brings together different genres of North American pop culture: the comic book, science fiction film, and 1960’s television programs. It’s a clever way to sensitize the Hispanic-American readers in the United States about the complicated series of tragedies that the Dominican Republic has had to face over the years”(Contreras 5). Diaz’s talent to combine different genres is expressed in the novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, because it possesses a seemly flawless transition between fantasy, science fiction, and comic books, which is why many people cannot restrain it to one genre. “Mr. Díaz’s achievement in this galvanic novel that he’s fashioned both a big picture window that opens out on the sorrows of Dominican
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They share certain qualities like anxiety and fear, but Diaz describes Wao as a much more awkward person than himself in order to emphasize the awkwardness that he felt as a immigrant. “Oscar Wao is A fat, self-loathing dweeb and aspiring science fiction writer, who dreams of becoming ‘the Dominican Tolkien.’”( Kakutani). Wao also endures bullying from his fellow classmates in highschool and college because of his outward or superficial appearance. Trujillo also appears in the story through and orphaned kid name Beli who had a disastrous affair with a man know as the Gangster who happens to be married to Truhillo’s sister. The Gangster and beli relationship climaxrs when she is almost beat to death in the cane field that will push her toward a brand-new life in exile in the United

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